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It’s the old chicken and egg conundrum. Does stress cause sleep disruptions or do sleep disruptions cause stress? Either way, there is no true wellness without great sleep. According to sleep expert and Organic Spa Media contributor Dr. Michael Breus, “Wellness interventions incorporating movement, nutrition, natural supplements, meditation and stress management reduce the need to turn to medication to resolve sleep problems.”

When we sleep, our nervous system takes a break. Stress hormones drop and the immune system gets a chance to reboot. According to Breus, cognitive and psychological health rely on sleep for memory processing, hormone production and regulation, and cellular renewal. When we don’t get enough consistent high-quality sleep, we miss out on the full impact of sleep’s deeply restorative powers.

Insomnia and other forms of disrupted sleep already existed at epidemic levels before the Covid-19 pandemic began. But the pandemic brought a new surge in sleep problems. Research suggests the increase was associated with higher levels of psychological distress.

When looking for vacation options for sleep-deprived clients, check first to see if sleep education programs are available. Six Senses and SHA Wellness Resorts are particularly well-known for offering treatments and sleep tracking analysis based on the latest scientific research about how sleep works and factors that undermine healthy sleep.

Graphic: Even if the resort doesn’t have a sleep program per se, ask about the following features:

  •   Quiet
  •   Circadian rhythm lighting
  •   Blackout shades
  •   Sleep-friendly room service/turndown menu
  •   Guided sleep meditations as an in-room amenity
  •   Adjustable mattresses and customizable mattress toppers
  •   Pillow menus

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