What Is Mental Wellness?

Before exploring solutions, it’s important to define the parameters of mental wellness. In that regard, the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) provides one of the clearest explanations. In Defining the Mental Wellness Economy,

Since the concept of mental wellness, and what constitutes it as an industry, can be “incredibly fuzzy,” according to the report’s writers, GWI segments key strategies for mental wellness into four main pathways: activity and creativity; growth and nourishment; rest and rejuvenation; and connection and meaning.

Certainly, different wellness modalities may fall into more than one of these segments. For example, some people practice yoga as exercise (putting it in the “activity and creativity” domain), while, for others, yoga is more of a meditative practice (putting it in the “rest and rejuvenation” domain). Overall, it can be said that there is a wide range of treatments designed to promote a holistic mental wellness approach in a balanced, positive way.

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