August 2022

August is a quiet month at Wellness Travel University, but that’s not the case for Rancho La Puerta. The Mexican resort is going full steam ahead on its plans for The Residences, which will allow the well-heeled to own property at the world-famous retreat. For the rest of us, a visit may just have to do.

In that regard, Rancho just unveiled a new regenerative farming program for guests. Beyond Organic in the Garden and Kitchen lets guests literally get their hands dirty, harvesting crops at the Ranch’s organic farm and gaining new knowledge on indigenous and sustainable farming techniques. Guests also can cultivate gardening skills and learn about canning and pickling and saucing. The program, held on select days each month, costs $69 per person.

For more on Rancho La Puerta, and a handful of other top Mexican wellness resorts, check out this article from the latest issue of Organic Spa Magazine.

It can be a challenge keeping up with all of the terms coming out of the wellness travel world these days. There’s eco-travel, sustainable travel, adventure travel, etc. Another term that has recently emerged is regenerative travel. The World Travel & Tourism Council breaks it down.

There’s now a trade association devoted to Regenerative Travel. Travel Weekly takes a look.

As hotel spas try to keep up with the latest wellness trends, more and more are venturing into therapies to boost mental health. Skift takes a look at what’s going on off the massage table.

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Synergy – The Retreat Show
If you are looking to learn more about the burgeoning wellness retreat industry, it might be worthwhile to keep an eye on the happenings at SYNERGY-The Retreat Show, which takes place in Ibiza, Spain from October 25-28. The event will bring together retreat entrepreneurs, retreat leaders and buyers who are looking to make connections and learn more about this way of delving deeper into specific aspects of the wellness world.

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