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Since 2007, Organic Spa Media, Ltd has provided expert advice and knowledge in the global wellness travel space, sharing in-depth insight to the sophisticated wellness traveler. Our purpose remains to inspire, motivate, and educate today’s wellness consumers, offering them the opportunity to experience the best of wellness travel and tourism worldwide.

Tapping into 15 years of expertise and wisdom, we have launched the Wellness Travel University to provide leadership and education to the travel trade community, offering them the best guidance when selling wellness travel experiences and unique wellness destinations to this expanding market segment.

Our mission is simple –and twofold:

  1. To empower, educate and engage the travel trade community so they will possess the skill and expertise that will enable them to be successful in selling wellness travel solutions.
  2. To provide wellness travel seeking consumers a trusted resource for finding certified, highly accredited wellness travel advisors.

A note from our CEO

Beverly Maloney-Fischback

Founder & CEO

Bev is the Founder and CEO of Organic Spa Media, LTD, the Founder of Wellness Travel University and Principal of Wellness Travel Advisors.


As a lifelong wellness advocate and world traveler, truly understanding the wellness travel industry is a natural for me. My lifestyle choices are based on a deep foundation of core wellness and well-being values and I’m grateful to be at the forefront of this important and emerging travel sector. I tell you this because like the teams behind Wellness Travel University and Organic Spa Media, we bring you an authenticity that is unparalleled anywhere else. And…it is that authenticity, and deep-rooted knowledge of the wellness space, that will help you be successful as you grow your business.

We are here to support you any way we can and we look forward to any feedback you may want to share with us as we embark on this new journey together.

Our Wellness Travel Experts

Lisa Loverro

at Organic Spa Media

Laura Powell

Special Assignments Editor
at Organic Spa Media

Dr. Melanie Kay Smith

Associate Professor, Lecturer, Researcher and Consultant, Health Tourism Worldwide and 
Budapest Metropolitan University

Our Wellness Travel Contributors

Deborah Peniuk

International Travel
Consultant Owner – AYA LIFE – 
Small Groups Specialist Instructor, 
Hospitality & Travel and Tourism

Sandra Ramani

Senior Contributing Editor
at Organic Spa Media

Jennie Nunn

West Coast Contributing Editor
at Organic Spa Media

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