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Caribbean Cures

Whispering winds, crashing waves, Renoir-blue waters, genial residents, coconut water right from the tree, snorkeling and pastel-hued architecture all come to mind when considering the Caribbean. While each island has its own personality, every destination promises repose. 

Explore Asheville

Located at the confluence of the FrenchBroad and Swannanoa rivers, it is the largest city in Western North Carolina, and the state’s 12th-most populous city. With a bustling art scene and rare food attractions. Asheville is a can’t miss.

Ski Spas

Much like a hot toddy at the end of a day on the slopes, skiing and spa-ing are a perfect fit. Many of today’s top ski resorts are home to extensive spas that feature services ideal for easing worn muscles, programming geared toward the active traveler and facilities designed to warm you up.

The Wilderness Cure

With the lockdown’s unexpected gift of “pause,” nature became a needed healing replacement for our beloved brick-and-mortar spas. And so, as we plunged into wilderness’ largesse, we sought the spa within. Human-powered activities, from hiking to biking, became our metaphorical spa treatments.

Star-Studded Travel

To help promote their setting in a Dark Sky region—or in an isolated area that’s just generally stellar for star-sightings—a number of hotels and resorts have created ways to help their guests learn about and engage with the night sky. 

Be in the (Blue) Zone

At first glance, these locations, set in diverse regions, seemed to have little in common. What they did share, though, was a robust populace of elders who not only lived long, but lived well—maintaining ambulatory health as well as mental clarity, not to mention emotional bliss, far into their senior years. 

Southern Charm

Let’s set the scene. With its king cakes and pandowdies, pink camellias, Spanish Moss dripping from anthropomorphic oak trees, storytellers (think Maya Angelou and Tennessee Williams), bayous, gators and grits, pimento cheese, boiled peanuts and hush puppies, the South has an indubitable charm all its own. 

Drive-to Wellness

Here are our suggestions for top wellness getaways, both brand-new and tried-and-true, to get you rolling. All offer special social-distancing protocols, to ensure that guests can relax and feel safe. We recommend that you call ahead with any specific questions about available programming.

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