August 2023

The wellness travel world isn’t slowing down. Every day, you read about new developments, new concepts, and new destinations. At Wellness Travel University, we help you sort through the information in order to navigate the increasingly deep waters of wellness.

This month, we are proud to announce a new WTU module focusing on Wellness for Cancer. The course is written by the country’s leading expert in the field. It teaches advisors how to work with patients with cancer and with those in recovery. The course will allow you to guide clients to the wellness destinations and experiences that will most benefit them during a difficult time in their lives.

Also new to our offerings is a new specialty course on Saint Lucia. The Caribbean island has a unique range of qualities, from rainforests to cacao farms to outdoor massage facilities, that will appeal to nature-loving wellness devotees.

With so much valuable information at your fingertips, please encourage your colleagues to sign up for WTU and get GOLD Course certified. We can almost guarantee the certification will lead to healthy increases in the bottom line.

Wellness travel has evolved and expanded to encapsulate all manner of experiences that boost mental, spiritual and physical health. This wide-ranging story covers a number of offerings you may not have heard of.
There’s been a big shift in the mindset of consumers regarding motivations for and must-haves in wellness travel. According to an American Express study, nature continues to be an important selling point.

As a travel advisor, your clients trust you to deliver experiences that will be engaging, exciting, and, in some cases, life changing. In shaping those experiences, you have the power to support local communities and environments in order to make travel a force for good. The suggestions in this article will help you empower your clients to make responsible and sustainable travel choices.

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