December 2021

Wellness Travel University is up to 800 members and counting! Just so you know, a whopping 90 percent of GOLD members who answered our survey said they are very satisfied with Wellness Travel University and the value of their GOLD membership.

That value is only increasing as we announce the addition of new specialty courses. Rancho la Puerta is already up, and other new destination and resort courses will follow as 2022 unfolds. Also new to the Wellness Travel University website are links to back issues of Organic Spa Magazine. You’ll find those issues a great resource for destination ideas and wellness trends.

Meantime, we bring you the second edition of the Wellness Travel University newsletter.

What many consider to be the top thought leadership event in wellness took place earlier this month in Boston. There were countless excellent takeaways from the Global Wellness Summit, some of which we will share with you in this newsletter.

The summit covered all sectors of the wellness industry, from personal care and beauty and healthy eating to preventive and personalized health and complementary medicine. Among its 11 components, wellness tourism was reported as the segment that has taken the biggest hit during the pandemic. Wellness tourism fell by 40 percent in 2020, while visits to thermal springs were down 39 percent. However, the good news is that the numbers were rebounding in 2021, and trends indicate wellness tourism and thermal/mineral springs tourism will be the fastest-growing wellness sectors through 2025.

Interestingly, but hardly surprisingly, is that next to wellness real estate, the largest growth area, in percentage terms, was mental wellness. The search for mental wellness has become ubiquitous, and we fully expect that mental wellness vacations will experience a big boom. To the end, Wellness Travel University is happy to announce it will be introducing special courses focusing on this rapidly growing sector in 2022, covering the different types of mental wellness getaways and offering strategies for working with clients to develop the perfect mental health antidote for them. Stay tuned to this newsletter for more information.

All of us at Wellness Travel University wish you the happiest of holidays! Until next year…

New report predicts 2022’s biggest travel trends

The 2022 trends reports are starting to come out. One from Expedia notes that mindfulness, relaxation and a search for meaning are top priorities among vast swathes of travelers. This article covers the findings.

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Vacations focusing on wellness are personalized way to healthier life

The pandemic has made consumers think about their health more than usual. As a result, they have been looking for vacation spots where they can take care of themselves and recuperate from the past two years while staying safe. The article looks at the types of vacations that are resonating with the wellness seeker.

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Global wellness economy will be worth US $7 trillion by 2025

The Global Wellness Summit was filled with facts, figures, statistics and trends. This article offers a concise recap of the numbers.

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Mental Wellness Tips

During the Global Wellness Summit, Victor Koo, co-founder of Tianren Culture, discussed cultural paradigm shifts that occurred during the pandemic. His inspirational 20-minute talk also provided interesting cultural concepts from around the world (think Hygge, Wabi Sabi) that we can embrace to boost our mental wellness. Click Here

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