Registration for Wellness Travel University is free and provides access to an abundance of wellness travel content. To take the GOLD course and become a certified agent (gaining access to specialty courses), there is a one-time sign-up fee of $59.95.

No! The one-time payment of $59.95 provides you with access to the GOLD course. Make sure you become GOLD-certified to gain access to specialty courses at no additional cost.

The GOLD course is an in-depth, 6-module look into wellness topics such as travel, demographics of wellness travelers, wellness trends and much more! Our specialty courses are brought to travel advisors directly from top wellness resorts around the globe, providing education on the destination/resort and helping prepare you to sell wellness packages to your clientele!

Yes! We are excited to bring more wellness travel content through our GOLD Course Addendums, extensions of the 6-module GOLD course and focused on niches within the wellness travel sector. Currently, GOLD-certified agents have access to an addendum focused on Mental Well-Being & Stress Reduction!

Our advisor page is a great place to showcase your certifications! GOLD-certified agents are included in this database, and their various specialty and addendum course certifications will be showcased along with their location, company, and contact information – to be promoted to wellness travel-loving consumers in 2023!

Wellness Travel University is an e-learning community geared towards travel agents who aim to become experts in the field of wellness travel; however, you do not need to be a travel agent to join!

There are a multitude of ways your certifications can enhance your business! Firstly, our GOLD course provides a wealth of knowledge which helps agents become experts in the field of wellness travel. Secondly, this GOLD-certification provides the gateway to specialty courses where our course provides are seeking educated, qualified agents who are invested in this niche of travel. Lastly, becoming a certified agent provides access to being featured on our advisor page, a place where wellness travel advisors are promoted for their certifications and expertise in the wellness travel sector!

Registering for the Wellness Travel University platform provides access to a variety of wellness content such as: the robust wellness travel glossary, latest wellness travel news, webinars and wellness breaks with leading wellness resorts and much more! Becoming a GOLD member gives members access to our 6-module GOLD course as well as all specialty courses (once GOLD-certified)!


Wellness Travel University provides comprehensive curriculum with an in-depth dive into wellness-based topics. Our GOLD course reaches the nuances of wellness travel, such as medical tourism, wellness packages, reasons for people desiring a wellness getaway and more! Additionally, after becoming a GOLD-certified agent, members gain free access to specialty courses which provide in-depth views into resorts around the world!

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