February 2022

February marks Black History Month and interestingly, this year’s theme is Black Health and Wellness. Two key aspects that are being considered during the month are the historical contributions the African diaspora has made to the fields of health and wellness, and current-day health care inequities and challenges. As we celebrate Black History Month, it is also a reminder for our businesses that there is value both in learning about diverse wellness practices as well as reaching out to diverse communities as we look to expand our customer base.

Speaking of expanding, we are thrilled to report that Wellness Travel University now has nearly 1200+ registered users. In conjunction with this rapid growth, we will be launching our Wellness Travel University social media pages. Follow them to gather breaking travel news, advisor features and information on wellness trends. There will also be giveaways!

Additionally, we will soon announce the date of our first wellness travel webinar. It’s coming soon, so be on the lookout.

Wellness Travel Trends to Watch in 2022

The editors of the Wellness Travel University newsletter read more trend round-ups than you can imagine. So, we were delighted to find one that encapsulates the top trends all in one place. What’s more, the list includes a few surprises.

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What Destinations Are Black Travelers Targeting in 2022?

As agents reach out to new audiences, it’s important to have insight into the things those audiences value. That insight can be achieved, in part, by getting some expert guidance. To that end, TravelPulse interviewed African American travel advisors to get their views on the nuances of the market.

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The World’s Most Mindful National Parks

During the pandemic, we have all learned about the healing power of nature. That’s why one company in the United Kingdom made it their mission to track down the world’s most-healthful national parks. The good news for clients who don’t want to go overseas is that four of the top 10 are in North America.

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Sleep and the Spa

As detailed in Wellness Travel University curriculum, the sea is known for its healing powers. This article from the latest issue of Organic Spa Magazine highlights some unexpected seaside spas that take wellness to a different level.

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Mental Wellness Tips

Go to a Museum

Mental wellness has become one of the most pressing issues of our time, with an ever-increasing awareness of how important it is to tend to the mind as well as the body. This article paints a picture of the many ways museums can relieve mental stress. Click Here


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