January 2024

Happy New Year, one and all. Knowing that so many New Year’s resolutions involve wellness, anticipate increased client demand for healthy holidays during the first quarter of the year.

Here at Wellness Travel University, we continue to expand our educational offerings. Join our webinar on Fort Myers taking place on February 1. We also have new specialty courses on the way. Wellness pioneer Six Senses will be the subject of one upcoming course and AMA Waterways, one of the top luxury river cruise companies in the world, will be the focus of another.

Meantime, we want to hear from you. What do you want to learn about the burgeoning wellness tourism sector? What curriculum would you like to see added to Wellness Travel University? Write to us at info@wellnesstraveluniversity.com and we will work to cater to your needs

Africa, with its rich natural landscapes, unique stargazing sites and opportunities for mindful immersion, lends itself to the concept of wellness unlike any other continent in the world. Travel Weekly outlines some of Africa’s key selling points.
Outdoor adventure travel is on the rise. Wellness seekers looking for a physical challenge have been onto the outdoor adventure travel trend for some time. But now, vacations that incorporate things like cycling, kayaking and hiking are attracting new audiences, including families.
We all know that Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop can be a little bit wacky. But sometimes, Goop’s take on the wellness scoop is on point. To wit, here’s a nice round-up of wellness resorts around the world, many of which focus on detox retreats.

There’s a whole new crop of agri-chic resorts popping up around the United States. This Organic Spa feature explains why these farms cum wellness resorts are taking root.

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