July 2022

We hope you are enjoying a relaxing and fruitful summer! The team at Wellness Travel University is on the go, creating more courses to help you broaden your knowledge.

New this month is a course on Sensei Lana’i, A Four Seasons Resort. the idyllic wellness retreat on the Hawaiian island of Lanai. It will provide your clients with an unparalleled luxury wellness experience complete with the aloha spirit.

Meantime, thanks to all of you who attended our 2022 Experience Wellness & Travel Media Event in New York City last month. We had a total of 254 virtual travel advisor attendees, and almost 100 advisors attended the Wellness After-Party sponsored by Belize Tourism. We would love your feedback on both, so that we can provide even more of what you are looking for at our next Event.

Want to recommend ways that your clients can get more bang for their buck on wellness holidays? This article offers tried-and-true tips for boosting your travel wellness quotient.

When your clients are going on a wellness holiday, the journey should start at the airport. Organic Spa Magazine recently shared top tips with The Points Guy about staying calm while navigating your way to your flight.

When it comes to luxury hotels, wellness is no longer confined to the spa. This Wall Street Journal article takes a look at how fivestar hotels have upgraded their wellness offerings to include sleep training, stem-cell therapies, on-site psychologists and more.

Need some ideas on how to sell wellness? A wellness travel coach shares thoughts for travel advisors interested in marketing wellness travel experiences.

Mental Wellness Tips

Mental Health & Travel
While it’s likely that one reason why your clients are looking to book a vacation is to de-stress, the fact is, travel itself can cause anxiety and worry. The Centers for Disease Control offers these helpful tips for travelers who are currently coping with mental wellness challenges.


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