March 2022

Between pandemics, pandemonium in Ukraine and politics, there is little doubt that stress levels are at an all-term high. The good news is that we all know travel boosts mental wellbeing. To that end, we are excited to announce that our latest addition to Wellness Travel University’s curriculum will be a Gold Advanced Course on the topic of Stress Reduction Getaways. Our team is hard at work developing the syllabus, and we will be introducing the course later this spring. If you’ve booked any fabulous stress reduction vacations for your clients, please let us know. We are always looking for examples to include in our material.

Times have changed. So has wellness travel.

As members know, Wellness Travel University is all about helping you discover the vast array of experiences that fall under the Wellness Tourism banner. This article discusses various ways to market those experiences on a more personal level, based on the type of trip your customer desires.

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From Pajamas to Body Lotions, the Wellness Craze Arrives in First-Class

We often hear about what five-star hotels are doing vis-a-vis wellness. But what about the aviation experience? While wellness is still not largely available for the average air traveler, those in upgraded categories have access to private lounges offering healthy food and spa services, and more.

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The Future Of Travel And Active Travel – Trends And Expert Tips

There’s been a massive growth in consumer interest in outdoor activity during the pandemic. Bookings show travelers are looking to get out and about during their trips, with top active travel tour operators adding outdoor recreation and fitness trips and departures at breakneck pace.

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Mental Wellness Tips

There are oh-so-many ways travel can serve as a mental wellness elixir. This piece reminds us of the variety of ways, from combatting monotony to reducing stress to inspiring creativity and enhancing a sense of belonging, that travel can soothe the soul. Click Here

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