March 2024

As we head into Daylight Saving Time, let Wellness Travel University help your business spring forward. Get GOLD course certified and then dig into our numerous specialty offerings. Coming up this month is a course focusing on AMA Waterways wellness options. Fort Myers is another new course on offer.
In this month’s newsletter, we take a look at the best spas in the world; check out options for sleeping vacations; and discover what hotels are doing to incorporate wellness beyond the spa.

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According to a 2024 travel trends report commissioned by Hilton, the number one reason people cite for taking a vacation is to rest and recharge. Because sleeping is a big part of that equation, The New York Times reports that more and more hotels are investing big time in their bedtime stories.
The Oscars weren’t the only awards given out this month. The World Spa & Wellness Awards were also handed out earlier this month in London. You can google the list of winners, but we thought it more helpful to present you with the full slate of nominees. The lengthier list will provide you with dozens of ideas to help clients plan an award-worthy getaway.

A spa alone does not make a hotel a wellness property. That’s why so many hotels are boosting their wellness offerings beyond the spa, revamping food and beverage, design, and more.

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