May 2023

Wellness Travel University has been online and on the road. Laura Powell, our editor-at-large, recently spoke at ASTA’s Global Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In April, we hosted two webinars for ASTA agents covering how to sell wellness getaways. Of course, Wellness Travel University is not limited to ASTA members. We encourage any agent with an interest in the booming business of wellness travel to enroll.

After all, there is always something new going on at Wellness Travel University. To complement our Gold Course and a special addendum covering mental wellness, new specialty curriculum is on the way. Next month, look for a new course covering wellness in St. Lucia.

Meantime, the team is gearing up for Organic Spa Media’s 2023 NYC Experience Wellness & Travel event. It’s being held at The Pierre on June 23. While in-person attendance is media-exclusive, agents can tune in virtually to discussions featured in the Wellness Around the Globe Symposium. Visit this link to register for the livestream, which runs from 10 AM to 4 PM Eastern Time.

Later in the day, members of Wellness Travel University and Metro New York City travel advisors will be invited to attend an in-person Wellness After-Party. It’s at The Pierre from 4:00 to 6:00. Visit the following link to RSVP.

Have clients hankering for wellness with a side of adventure? Travel Weekly UK scoured the world to find ten of the top adrenaline-inducing wellness getaways.

Sustainability, innovation and design are becoming increasingly important factors in any wellness experience. This story looks at how these components fit into the wellness equation.
Thermal baths, saunas and hammams are part of daily life in certain countries around the world. But today, these practices are going global, being reimagined in unexpected locations around the world. In addition to the options discussed in this article, we’d recommend the hammam experience at the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It offers all of the benefits of a Turkish hammam without the brusque scrubbing!

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