May 2024

Summer vacation season is just weeks away. As your clients flock in to book last-minute trips, dismayed at the sight of sky-high airfares, calm them down with suggestions for a healing wellness vacation. You’ll find all sorts of ideas at Wellness Travel University. Visit (or revisit) the Gold Course and check out the evolving roster of specialty courses. Our AMA Waterways course is now live, and Six Senses is on the way.

Best of the Best

With so many “best of” lists out there, it’s hard to figure out which ones are reliable. But when it comes to travel information, we think you can usually depend on National Geographic and Travel + Leisure. So, take a look at this offering from NatGeo, which serves up new wellness experiences around the world at all price points. Meantime, notice that Travel + Leisure’s annual list of the world’s 100 Best New Hotels is filled with options for the wellness crowd.
The number of women traveling alone in search of wellness is on the rise. Here are some ideas to offer to ladies looking for a relaxing solo experience.

When Vogue takes a plunge into a hot…or rather cold…wellness trend,you know that trend has legs. And what does Vogue say is fashionable in wellness these days? It’s all about the cold plunge.

Thalassotherapy is a wellness term most North Americans are unfamiliar with. In a nutshell, it’s the practice of using sea products in a marine environment to induce healing and stress reduction. Organic Spa Magazine takes a deep dive into the modality.

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