November 2023

As the holidays approach, last-minute types may be flocking to your offices in search of vacation prospects. Be sure to check out Wellness Travel University to get some novel ideas for sun, sand and spa. New to our specialty course menu is Fort Myers–Islands, Beaches and Neighborhoods. If you thought you knew this Florida destination, think again and take the course.
Meantime, we continue to offer wellness webinars in collaboration with ASTA. Jackie Roby will be giving a talk about the trend of wellness retreats on November 28. Meanwhile, for those of you who book business travel, tune into Jackie’s webinar on corporate wellness on December 13.
Different people have varying ideas about what it means to have a lifechanging getaway. But the common denominator of so-called transformative travel is that it involves self-discovery and reflection, which often results in positive impacts on physical and/or mental well-being. Here are some of the key ways your clients can engage in transformational travel on their next vacation.
To the culture-loving history aficionado who loves a good wellness fix, how about considering a European medical spa? Spanning from the Czech Republic to Italy to Slovenia, European medical spas combine diagnostics and advanced technologies with centuries-old natural healing elements like water and mud. What’s more, they also massage in elements of culture, gastronomy and history. In fact, many are located in or near UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Wellness guru Deepak Chopra is taking a deeper dive into tourism. His integrative health company is teaming up with Swan Hellenic to develop a number of wellness focused cruises which will set sail in 2024.

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