October 2022

With World Mental Health Day falling in October, it’s only fitting we announce that we have just added a Mental Wellness Course to the Wellness Travel University curriculum. Learn all about why more people are traveling in search of anxiety reduction, sleeping and anti-stress tools, and just a little peace and quiet. You might even discover a few tips that will help you achieve serenity now.
What, exactly, does wellness travel mean? Definitions vary, depending on where you are and what you are experiencing. That said, this story suggests that if we call everything wellness, then nothing is wellness. Therefore, we need to do a better job of defining the terminology
Are your clients looking for a body, mind and soul reboot? This article serves up some ideas you may not have thought of. Note that while the first few entries were one-off wellness retreats held earlier this year, the vast majority of the 23 profiles cover places where wellness retreats are available on demand.
A new Accenture survey of consumers in 16 countries finds that health and well-being are considered “essential,” with 33 percent more focused on self-care than a year ago. That increase has important implications for the wellness travel market.
Japanese culture is known for embracing the art of imperfection. It’s called Wabi-Sabi, and as we suggest in this article from Organic Spa Magazine, the practice can be embraced in many practices in life, including cooking.

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