October 2023

Wellness Travel University is hitting the road! In conjunction with Organic Spa Media, we are launching the Global Wellness Travel Event. The series will be coming to a city near you starting in March, 2024. Announced event sites so far are New York City, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta and Miami.

In preparation for the series, we ran a survey of our WTU travel advisor database. A drawing from the survey participants yielded a winner. Lindsey Jones from Seattle won an Organic Spa Media tote packed with fabulous skincare, beauty and wellness products.

This month, check out the new Wellness for Cancer course being offered on the WTU website. This is a condensed training module designed to give advisors a better understanding of the unique needs of cancer survivors, and of programs to support them, enhance their post-treatment confidence, and provide tools for healthy living.

The best destination spa in the United States is in….Connecticut. While the Nutmeg State is usually not associated with wellness, it’s first in class this year, according to Conde Nast Traveller. The popular media outlet also just came out with its annual list of the world’s top spas.
Glamping and wellness are synonymous. Time spent surrounded by the great outdoors is always relaxing. Glamping also can be a democratic form of wellness, in that it comes in all price ranges, from ultraluxe to ultra-affordable.
Several of the world’s dark sky areas are reaching for the stars by offering a new wellness tourism activity. Star bathing—also known as mindful stargazing—centers on appreciating and tuning into your surroundings without technology.

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