Saint Lucia: A Journey into comprehensive well-being

written by Laura Powell | February 15, 2024


With a world of exquisite natural wonders and a cornucopia of world-class spas, Saint Lucia offers all of the attributes necessary for a journey into comprehensive well-being.

Saint Lucia, located in the eastern Caribbean just 3.5 hours from Miami, is a hot spot for wellness enthusiasts. The island, unlike many others in the area, has a diverse environment, with one-of-a-kind mountains, lush rainforests and pristine rivers. Of course, being an island, Saint Lucia has gorgeous coastlines and sparkling ocean waters. This biodiversity inspires the architects who build hotels here, and the chefs and spa directors who infuse their menus with local ingredients.  

Must-sees on Saint Lucia include the peaks of the Pitons, two volcanic spires that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sulphur Springs Park is a place where visitors can soak their worries away in a collection of mud pools warmed by geothermal energy. The island’s UNESCO-designated rainforest is filled with flora and fauna rarely seen elsewhere in the world. 

Saint Lucia is filled with resorts where wellness is top of mind. Some properties even offer three-walled rooms, which are open, literally, to nature. BodyHoliday is the most famous wellness resort on the island, but it is far from alone. Among the others are Jade Mountain and Ladera Resorts, Anse Chastanet, Stonefield Villa Resort, and Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort. Spa offerings at these places range from generational folk remedies to treatments including cutting-edge body science.

One of Saint Lucia’s most popular indigenous products is cacao, the key ingredient in chocolate. Aside from trying out cacao-infused spa treatments and sampling luscious chocolate desserts, visitors can tour Hotel Chocolat’s Project Chocolat on the Rabot Estate. Popular tours like the Tree to Bar Experience include tastings!

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