December 2022

Season’s Greetings! As you gear up for the holidays, keep Wellness Travel University in mind as you start thinking about those New Year’s resolutions. If you haven’t completed the Gold Course, just do it. As for what’s new, the latest specialty course is a unit on Sensei Lana’i, A Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii. The product is very different from what is on offer at most wellness properties. This primer provides insights into Sensei’s unique philosophy and programs.

We sat in on the Global Wellness Summit held in Israel last month. Presentations were all over the map, given the Global Wellness Institute’s wide-ranging scope. In terms of the wellness tourism space, Cathy FelicianoChon, Finn Managing Partner and GWS Advisory Board member, was a wellspring of knowledge. In her comprehensive presentation, Chon suggested keys to the future health of wellness tourism providers will be understanding changing consumer behaviors toward wellness and building sustainability into tourism growth. She also cited a study by Mabrian Technologies showing that wellness tourism is the one sector of the travel industry that has experienced steady growth over the past five years. Within the wellness sector, the biggest categories are soft adventure, water activities and spa.

It’s that time of year when the big travel magazines come up with their top places to go lists. Conde Nast Traveler has a comprehensive slate of top picks for 2023. Notice that the majority of choices have strong ties to wellness.

Trends in 2023 Southern Living also published a trend list, courtesy of They’re all about slowing down, which is a huge part of the wellness travel movement.

From tourism with a bigger purpose to climate-conscious transportation, travelers are seeking more sustainable options. Here’s a look at their top priorities.

If your clients are looking for where to go next, the Organic Spa Magazine website serves up some seasonal suggestions. And keep your eyes on the website as we get ready to serve up Organic Spa Media’s 2022 Wellness Travel awards. The nominees are being reviewed by our editors now and will be formally announced in January.

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