February 2024

It’s February, so spring break is just around the corner. If your clients are looking for a spring fling, study up for ideas at Wellness Travel University. We have specialty courses on places ranging from Rancho La Puerta to Sensei Lanai to Fort Myers, Florida. Read more about our Saint Lucia course by clicking the button below.
This month’s newsletter also offers plenty of sweetheart spa suggestions. Read on to get the rub on everything from city-based wellness oases in Paris, London and Tokyo to rustic retreats in England, Arizona and Botswana.

As always, we want your feedback. Please let us know what types of wellness vacations and destinations you want to learn about. Your feedback helps us design new courses developed to help you sell, sell, sell.
Looking for some new spas to recommend to your clients? Elle’s editors have scoped out a wide variety of fashionable wellness destinations around the world.
Sleep-cations are on many wellness travel trend lists for 2024. For those looking to combine restful nights with active days, a visit to the English countryside, where you can count sheep by day and night, might be in order.
Golden Door, located near San Diego, began pioneering the concept of wellness retreats 66 years ago. But the property is hardly a dowager. It continues to change with the times, and recently completed a multimillion-dollar renovation. Organic Spa visited to see what’s new…and what’s timeless.

Worldwide, about one in every 20 dollars spent by travel consumers worldwide is on wellness. That statistic comes from the Global Wellness Institute, the industry’s largest research think tank. If you are interested in other facts and figures, like which country has the largest wellness tourism economy, read on.

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